Association Overview

Purpose and History

The JSPA (Japan Slope Protection Association) has been formed to contribute to the conservation of the national land by deepening awareness of the social mission of slope related projects and by permitting its members to conduct cooperative research on construction methods to protect designated slopes in all fields (work done to stabilize slopes by mortar – concrete spraying work, rock fall protection work, slope crib work, slope reforestation works etc.) and to promote their wide use.
(Established in 1982 with approval of the Minister of Construction: 278 member companies in April 2006)

JSPA Activities

The JSPA performs the following activities to achieve the above goals.

  1. Surveys, research, and development of designated slope protection works and accepting contacts to perform these activities Progress in execution technologies and growing awareness of reforestation and other issues related to environmental problems have increased the complexity and diversity of slope protection works. The JSPA has contributed to the improvement and development of work methods based on the experience and technologies that it has created over a period of many years. And it has accepted contracts for survey and research work from public bodies by forming special committees whose members include academic experts.
  2. Publishing an association bulletin, books, and other publications to develop, popularize designated slope protection works and create greater awareness of slope protection works The JSPA publishes books and reference documents related to slope protection works and its Slope Crib Work Design/Execution Guideline and other publications are shifting to the performance regulation approach in compliance with present technology guidelines. And the JSPA bulletin, Slopes and the Environment, provides articles concerning slope related technologies and current issues. It provides public bodies, the slope works industry, and other concerned organizations with design and execution guidelines, execution handbooks, and related information and strives to develop and popularize slope protection works and undertakes activities to enlighten concerned organizations.
  3. Training technologists and technicians in the field of designated slope protection works
  4. Holding training sessions, research conferences, and lectures concerning designated slope protection works Slope protection works are dangerous types of work that require special skills and specialized knowledge. The JSPA provides thorough technical guidance by holding lectures given by slope work execution management technologists and by conducting qualification testing for technical workers who perform slope works. Obtaining qualification is an indicator of technical capability, and its benefits include improving the safety consciousness and the quality of work and earning the confidence of customers.
  5. Cooperation with and participation in academic conferences and the activities of other concerned organizations
  6. Other activities necessary to achieve the goals of the JSPA

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